Dog Food Secrets…. EXPOSED

Dog Food Secrets EXPOSED

Discover The Deadly Secret The Dog Food Industry Is Spending Millions To Make Sure You Never Find Out.
“See What Other Dog Owners Are Saying About Dog Food SECRETS”
Darlene Christchurch said:

The biggest of our 3 kids is a beautiful 59kg (130 lb) Rottweiler called Maxine.
My other 2 kids (both human) , my husband and I are all quite sporty so it was a source of amusement amongst our friends that Maxine was a fatty!
I didn’t like to hear her teased but as far as we knew, we were feeding her a decent diet of commercial dog food.
When I saw your book shows how to prepare calorie controlled meals for dogs, I knew I must find out how….

And the results are astounding! She obviously looks better but to our surprise also has better breath, smaller, less stinky poos and seems to have improved self-control which we guess is from an improved diet.
Now she’s a beautiful beast for sure, a few more pounds and Maxine will be the cutest dog in town!

Mercedes Dublin said:

I had big problems as one of my dogs, a mungril called Allie gained a lot of weight and I couldn’t tell why cause she only eats dry dog food.
My other dog, a bearded collie called Panda, was quite slim as she didn’t like that food and only ate a little when she was starving.

Since I tried your recipes, not only Allie lost a lot of weight and is happier, Panda loves the food and licks the bowl when finished!!
Their feces are not as smelly and are smaller and dry. And their coats are really shinny and moist!!
It’s been only a couple of months and the difference is huge.

I’m never buying commercial dog food again as I wonder now what was I giving to my dogs before. And it’s costing me much less as well.
Thank you for your books. They opened my eyes.

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