How To Get 4000 Watch Hours And Over 1K Subscribers On YouTube in Just 20 Days


Monetize your YouTube Videos By reaching to YouTube Monetization Threshold.
This is a fast way to get 4000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers on YouTube in less time. By using the word “Fast” I mean getting monetized on YouTube in less than 20 days.

to monetize your youtube channel you need to have 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel. Your videos have generated 4,000 Watch Time hours over the last 12 months.

Man, it takes alot of time to reach that 4000 watch hour mark. I am on YouTube for the past six years and I have learned alot of things.

4000 Watch hours means 240,000 Minutes. So, if you have 10 videos then you need an average of 24k Views on each of the videos to reach that threshold. But, the more videos you have the fewer average video views will be required for you.

If you are a small YouTuber: How to get 4k Public Watch hours And 1K Subscribers.

If you are a small YouTuber then getting 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers will take time, but we can help you to reach 1k+ Subscriber’s and 4000+ watch hours on YouTube in 10 to 14 days.

We have been helping small YouTubers to monetize their youtube channel for over three years, and we can help you to monetize your YouTube channel in less than 14 days.

Check out some photos of small youtubers we help reach 1k Subscriber’s and 4000 watch hours.

How do we do this?

We have a platform of over 50k members, we pay our members to watch and like videos and also subscriber channels.



How do we get 1000 Subscriber’s in 7 days?

We pay real people to watch video for one minute and then Subscribe the channel permanently if only they like your video, this means all the people who subscribe your channel already like your video and they will never unsubscribe your channel.



How do we meet up with the 4000 public watch hours in 20 days?

This is pretty easy for us because we have been doing this for years.
We pay real people to watch your full videos.
We have been using this technique for years and we have monetize over 500 YouTube channels, and those channels are making thousands of dollars Monthly.


What is the cost for 1000 Subscriber’s and 4000 hours of watch time?

The price for 1000 Subscriber’s is $1200

The price for 4000 hours watch time is $1800

You can monetize your YouTube channel in 20 days, join our WhatsApp group to get started. Click here to join our WhatsApp group


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    Thanks for helping me to monetize my YouTube channel i love you guys

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    Thanks guys for giving me 1k sub and 4000 watch time, I have monetize my channel, much love ❤️❤️❤️

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    Thank you okmediang for the 1k Subscriber’s and 4k watch time.

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    1000人のチャンネル登録者と4000人の総再生時間をありがとう 😁😍❤️💋

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    Thanks guys for the 1k Subscriber’s and 4k watch time 🙏

  6. I want to grow my channel I need 1k subscriber and 4000 watchtime

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